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Being the god love is

Being the Love God Is

Being the Love God Is:

We have all had moments in our lives when we felt love as deeply as we ever could. Times when we looked into the eyes of our children, or were within the company of our pets, or within service to any other being, and knew nothing could stand in our way. A love that carried no weight or burden, had no limits, and was without any conditions. A love with such connection that there was no distance between us and whom we were loving. This is when we were being the best version of ourselves. This is when we were being the Love God Is.

Often we read or hear about God doing something that is loving. From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You, God is deeper and more pervasive than that. The Love God Is–is the foundation for all of our loving experiences. Without it, we could not be loving within our thoughts, words, and deeds. As humans we can only choose to manifest the Love God Is, or not. A choice affected by the nature of our ego energy. The Love God Is is present in every being, animal, plant, or human. We can only choose to witness it and manifest it, as we did within those previously mentioned moments.

Recently, 60 Minutes did a story on four nurses who cared for the man who was being treated for and later died from Ebola. Each was a young adult, some with a spouse or children, one with a pregnant wife, all concerned with or fearful of the dark, unknown territory they were entering into, possibly placing their life at risk, and each volunteered for the service they were offering. They described the profuse vomiting and diarrhea they were charged with cleaning up and discarding. They also described the deep, loving regard with which they held for Mr. Duncan in his time of need and approaching death. A description in which they described the opportunity to care for Mr. Duncan as one of the most important of their lives. Of course it was. They were being the Love God Is.



Our true essence

Our True Essence

Our True Essence:

We are all Spiritual beings having a physical experience here on Earth. However, many of us tend to think and believe that we are simply just physical beings, and live through the physical process of life on Earth trying to accomplish our list of chores and responsibilities. However, these obligations we decide are so important for us to accomplish, are merely distractions that keep us from connecting to our true essence. This true essence exists within each living being, but unfortunately, the human species seems to have the hardest time making this connection. If we think about the other species on our planet, they are perfectly comfortable being who they are, unless we humans get in their way.

Awakening to our true essence will allow us the opportunity to awaken to our inner gifts, which are our spiritual gifts from God. Listening to our heart’s desire will assist us in this awakening. Our heart and soul will call us to be who we were created to be. If we trust this calling, we will be able to live a life of harmony, joy, and abundance.



The beauty of change

The Beauty of Change

The Beauty of Change:

As I look out my window at the changing of the seasons, I feel such peace and gratitude for the beauty Mother Nature displays for us, even if just for a brief time.  We are moving through a season of change, leaving the warm temperatures behind for awhile, and preparing to weather what winter has in store for us.  Change is apparent, and we are a part of the changing seasons.

I know that life is about change, it must be, for if we stayed the same, we could never grow or evolve as we feel and know we must.  We as humans have this awareness within us to want more, a desire to be more than we are. This is partly necessary as it spurs us onward to newer and greater ideas, inventions, and many other things that make this a wonderful world.  Without change life would become very stagnant.  We all have changed in many ways throughout our life, and life has changed around us.  How we deal with change can speak a lot about ourselves as well.  The world is going through some challenging transitions, and we are a part of these changes and transitions.  It can be scary at times, especially if we are listening to the media. But we must remember that as we grow and live in a changing world, it is important to know that one thing will never change.  Our Divinity will never change.  Each one of us always has been and always will be.  To understand what this truly means will bring for you a peace that allows acceptance and compassion to fill you, instead of fear or anxiety.  You are part of the whole, one with our Earth Mother and Divine Father.

We are many and we are one, and we will continue to change and transition with each passing season, but we will always and forever be a Divine Child of God.



Finding love

Finding Love

Finding Love:

Everyone wants to have love in their life, and many people tend to think of love as coming from someone else or someplace else to fulfill them. However, we have all heard that the greatest love of all is the love for self. Even though this may be true, many have a hard time getting to this place of self love.

There may be many factors here that prevent us from truly coming to know the love we hold within our own hearts. It may be that we are still carrying faulty thoughts or beliefs about ourselves, which may have been established in our childhood through learning feelings of unworthiness or not being enough. If we are still living through these ideas about who we believe we are, we may be missing out on knowing our Spirit that lives within us. As humans we tend to live through our egoic energy unconsciously, which means we are unaware of how we are working through our egoic energy. If we continue to live through the egoic energy unconsciously, this will tend to keep faulty thoughts alive within us, until we can awaken to what is going on. It is up to us to awaken to what we are holding on to so we can assist the egoic energy within us to learn how to honor all that we are and move beyond any illusions we hold within. The more we can bring the ego into a place of balance within us the more easily we will begin to hear the voice of our Spirit talking to us through our heart center. Our Spirit will be telling us that we are worthy and deserving of this love from within and without. The ideas we may be carrying are illusions of what we once believed to be true, and we can now release this energy and step into the truth that allows our heart to open to the love we are. The Love God Is.

We can give ourselves permission to appreciate all that we have experienced in our past, good or bad, and come to see how it has brought us to this place we are right now. A place in time that allows us to create a sacred space within our own heart to honor all that we are, just as we are. Here we will find true, unconditional love.



Does being more human make us less spiritual

Does being more Human make us less Spiritual?

Does being more Human make us less Spiritual?:

There are likely to be different responses to this question. Each impacted by one’s thoughts about what is meant by human, spiritual, and whether there is any relationship between the two. From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You we believe the answer is yes. For us, the words ego and human are the same. A human being is an ego being, our human nature is our ego nature, and our human self is our ego self. Our humanity reflects the relationship we have with ourselves and others. Our spirituality reflects the relationship we have with God and our Divinity. There is a relationship between these two energies which emanate from the core of our being, our soul.

As one moves deeper and deeper into their humanity their ego energy becomes progressively more prominent and imbalanced in its power, flexibility, or vulnerability. This often leads one to become inhumane with themselves or others. The ‘Roles People Live’ list on our website provides lots of examples of people living intense ego energy, egoic imbalance, and inhumanity to themselves and others. These people are having difficulty being the Love, Life, and Energy God Is with themselves and others reflecting distance from their Divinity and a lack of genuine spirituality. A current relevant “poster child” for this spiritual disconnection is the religious extremist. You can pick any faith. One is not being the Love, Life, and Energy God Is when fomenting anger, destructiveness, intolerance, and hatred for others within one’s thoughts, words, and deeds. Any true Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu… follower knows that. An intense religious fervor cannot substitute for the absence of spirituality. By the way these people are fundamentally good, intelligent, and well-meaning persons who are consumed by their lower ego flexibility energy which has gotten then on the track of inhumanity to their fellow humans. The “Kingdom of Heaven” also awaits them, but this is not the means to their entry.

Some may ask the intriguing complementary question. Does being more spiritual make us less human? The answer is yes, which may come as a surprise to some. We become less human while becoming more humane. It is within becoming more spiritually awake that we manifest the Love, Life, and Energy God Is, and we are, while being humane to ourselves and others. A spiritual being having a human experience. A healthy in-balance egoic energy becomes available to us within this human experience as we live better versions of ourselves in a consciousness we have described as Egospiritualism.



What is ego medicine and why do we need it?

What is Ego Medicine and Why do we need it?

What is Ego Medicine and Why do we need it?:

Within our books, Ego Therapy: A Method for Healing Your Whole SelfEgoSpiritualism: Awakening to Your Human and Divine Self, and The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit for a Better Life and You we mention a new concept connected to self-help we refer to as ego medicine. Due to linkage to the ‘cognitive therapy’ approach to treatment originating in the work of Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck it would be easy to conclude that ego medicine is simply a different label for essentially the same approach. However, this is not the case as ego medicine goes deeper to uncover the ego energy a person is living and the reality based thinking connected to that energy they must use to transform their energy where needed. The traditional cognitive approach does neither of these and often only leads to intellectual but not experiential insight and change. According to Ego, Spirit & You you must go deeper, to the core of your human beingness which is your specific egoic energy.

So what is ego medicine? There are two foundational contributors: 1) A progressively developing awareness of your ego energy as you are living it and 2) Use of reality-based thinking which is developed and used in response to an awareness of this energy. The awareness of one’s ego energy develops from an understanding of the components of this energy involving power, flexibility, and vulnerability which is thoroughly described in each of our books. These components are reflected by our thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and physiology within key life areas such as close relationships, achievement, conflict, and so on which we and our ego energy are called upon to manage, for better or worse. When it is worse, we get progressively entangled in non-reality based thinking fueled by the destructive nature of our ego energy. This diversity is reflected in the ‘Roles People Live’ page within our website and in TheTwo Voices Within where we bring forth the words of Ego that lead one toward particular non-reality based thoughts as well as dysfunctional feelings and behavior.

So why do we need to take it? A huge part of healing and healthiness involves becoming intimately connected to human truth and Divine Truth. We are designed by the wisdom of the ages to heal and be healthy when we aren’t getting in our way. From the perspective of  Ego, Spirit & You you need to be connected to human truth and Divine Truth to experience all of the healing and health available to you. A weakened human truth diluted by egoically induced non-reality based thinking will distance you from fully knowing the Love, Life, and Energy God Is and You are. Ego medicine works to connect you to your human truth and allows for the doors to Divine Truth to fully open.

Ego Medicine anyone?



How old are you really?

How Old are You Really?

How Old are You Really?:

This appears to be a rather simple and unimportant question to ponder. The kind of question that belongs on the bottom of one’s “to do” list, never to be gotten to in favor of more immediate concerns. However, the implications to one’s answer are rather large. The difference between seeing part of the picture of your life or all of it. A difference in which you are mostly seeing the human side of you and your life while ignoring, minimizing, over-looking the spiritual side, keeping you firmly in the “little picture” of what you and life have to offer.

We often think of our age and life as directly connected to our birthday. A day when the human clock starts to tick and we begin to count the days, weeks, and years that comprise this life and for some, our only life. This can be helpful as a reference point within the human realm pertaining to normative development (for whatever that means) within the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of our human experience. Unfortunately, health, aging, and mortality can become aspects of life with which we can be consumed when imbalanced ego energy is at work doing its “job” to ensure our daily and mortal survival by leading us towards the thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and physiology we use unknowingly to accomplish this task. An ego which does not know anything about “before birth” or “after death” or anything about “God” and the Divine energy woven into our being. Hence, its intense efforts to enhance our human life which often brings suffering sooner or later. Suffering which can be subtle as Buddha referred to it, which you may not immediately recognize and which ego cannot recognize owing to the absence of intellect and intention within this energy. Suffering often reflected within the mismanagement of our health, aging, and mortality leading to a lower quality of life and a lesser version of you.

You will need to “teach” ego that there is more to you and life, if you so choose. But what would you teach it? First and foremost, you would need to teach ego that you are the product of a three million year design. You have the wisdom of the ages built into your being. A design and wisdom standing upon the foundation that God Is – Love, Life, Energy, and You, which has been there every step of the way, leading to your current existence and future ones. A foundation upon which we can recognize and manifest the Great Gifts of Life, Creating Life, Eternal Life, and God Within, today and everyday no matter how old we are. Each addressing any unnecessary concerns and suffering connected to health, aging, or mortality rooted in our ego energy. It is the design in which we can fully embrace our health, aging, and mortality and our current human age, rather than looking for answers (often egoically induced) in the wrong people, places, or methods. From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You 60 is not the new 40, or 50 the new 30. 60 is 60, 50 is 50 and so on. Each age we are is wonderful when we embrace our design and the wisdom of the ages which is available to us. Would you like an example of this design at work? Consider meditation. It’s free, can involve as little as 5 minutes a day, does not require any particular time, place, or other person to do, and it works. A peaceful stillness in which the wisdom of the ages allows us to engage in self-healing.

Again, how old are you really?



Misunderstood Ego

The Misunderstood Ego and You

The Misunderstood Ego and You:

We have read many works in which the topic of ego has come forth. Particularly, those representations of ego put forth by more prominent and less prominent writers within the “spiritual”, “self-improvement”, and “New Age” genres. There are several common themes which though well-intended only serve to create distance from knowing ego and consequently ourselves. These include descriptions of ego suggesting it has an intentional quality, an intellectual quality, an awareness of what it is doing in your life, and an awareness of “God” in which it seeks to act in direct opposition.

From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You, ego is none of these. Ego does not have an intentional quality and does not impact us with volition. Though it is an energy which can bring suffering into our lives as the energy becomes imbalanced. Ego does not have an intellectual quality and has no awareness of itself, though you can develop an awareness of this energy. Ego has no awareness of any suffering (mental, emotional, behavioral, or physical) it has led you into within your life as its primary purpose is to ensure your survival, daily and mortal. Ego has no awareness of God or the Divine Energy within you. It operates as if there is only ego and you. Hence, its incredible and intensive “efforts” to ensure your survival. It is up to you to “teach” ego that there is more which comes about when you employmental medicine involving greater ego awareness and ego related reality based thinking. This brings you closer to human truth as well as the Divine Truth that God Is- Love, Life, Energy, and You. This is the means to which your ego can heal where needed in its power, flexibility, or vulnerability and “relinquish” its intense purpose to ensure your survival.

Recently, we completed reading I Can See Clearly Now by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Dr. Dyer has been a great servant to humanity. He has written, spoken, and traveled tirelessly in an effort to raise the spiritual consciousness of people across the world. His book The Power of Intention is an incredibly brilliant work on spiritual consciousness and the one we would most highly recommend to those seeking to raise their spiritual consciousness. However, we were struck by the frequent references to “taming” ego within his most current book. From the perspective ofEgo, Spirit & You we can never tame ego, we can only work to heal it. Some might suggest that using the word tame rather than heal is only a matter of semantics. We disagree. The taming of ego implies all of the misunderstandings about ego we mentioned earlier. We can only heal the ego when we understand its true nature. From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You we must awaken both humanly and spiritually.

So what do you think? Do we tame ego or do we heal it?



What is the most important relationship?

What is the Most Important Relationship?

What is the Most Important Relationship?:

As we walk along the path of our lives we experience many relationships. These include relationships with our parents, siblings, spouse/partner, children, friends, co-workers, teachers, and “God”. Each provides an opportunity to grow and experience meaning as well as pain and suffering. But which is the most important? From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You the answer isn’t on that list. It’s the relationship you have with yourself. Many of you probably saw that coming, but we have encountered many people who spend their lives often “suffering” while trying to please others, receive acceptance and approval from others which never comes, prove something to others which doesn’t need to be proved, or trying to become someone they think others want them to be, within a journey that never ends. Many can be found within the “Roles People Live” page on our website.

Our answer is based on the belief that the relationship with ourselves is the relationship upon which all of the others are built, for better or worse.   It shapes healthy or unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and feelings we bring to others in these relationships. Some may say the relationship with God is even more important. Our response is that the ego energy we are impacts our ability to be the manifestation of the Love, Life, and Energy God Is, within every relationship, including the one we perceive as existing with God. When our ego energy is imbalanced within its power, flexibility, or vulnerability, the seeds for distortion, disturbance, and destruction in all relationships have been sown. No better example can be found than the person who professes love for God, yet lives anger and destructiveness toward those who do not comply with their likeness, religiously, racially, politically, sexually, and so on.

Many realize the relationship with themselves is the most important relationship but don’t know how to go about developing that relationship in order to become the best version of themselves which can be lived within all of the other relationships. From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You the solution involves getting to know your ego energy and working to bring it into balance withego medicine. It is with ego medicine that we develop more precise ego awareness and use reality based thinking to remove distortions that often weaken the relationship with ourselves and others. As we work with it the voice of Spirit becomes louder and we begin to “hear” it telling us we are the Love, Life, and Energy God Is within human form. We also grow in our ability to recognize the Great Gifts of Life, Creating Life, Eternal Life, and God Within which all have received.

So how is your relationship with yourself?



The Two Voices Within

The Two Voices Within

The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit to Enhance Your Life

Ego and Spirit both speak profoundly within our lives. Can you hear what they are saying to you?

These “two voices” are the main energies that rise up and give shape to our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physical health. As we go about meeting life’s challenges—such as change, adversity, stressors, conflicts, relationships, self-esteem, achievement and our ability to experience genuine happiness—the voice of an unconscious, imbalanced ego is unfortunately the one we more often hear and heed, leading us into a lesser version of ourselves.

The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit to Enhance Your Life invites you to hear more clearly what both of these two voices are saying so that you can speak with more of your true voice and recognize the One Voice of the Universe. This awakening will enable you to be the best version of yourself and optimally meet life’s challenges.

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EgoSpiritualism: Awakening to Your Human and Divine Self

Before we can transcend our humanity and deepen our spirituality, we must transform our ego.

Many of us are taking steps to embrace a spiritual path and others are unaware that this path exists. We all face the same significant obstacle: our ego. An unconscious, imbalanced ego can delay, distort, disturb or destroy our efforts to transcend the limitations of our humanity and deepen our spiritual consciousness.

EgoSpiritualism: Awakening to Your Human and Divine Self shows us that we must transform and heal our ego—not dissolve, disown or defeat it—in order to merge our humanity and Divinity. The result is a more fully and deeply lived human and spiritual experience.

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Ego Therapy

Ego Therapy

Ego Therapy: A Method for Healing Your Whole Self

Did you know any of the following about the Ego?

  • Ego profoundly impacts your health and happiness for better or worse.
  • Ego works to ensure your daily and mortal survival in ways that can lead to suffering.
  • Ego has no awareness of itself but you can become aware of it and what it is doing in your life.
  • Ego has no awareness of God but can negatively impact your movement along your spiritual path.
  • Ego can be healed by you with ego medicine that can bring this energy into balance.

Ego Therapy: A Method for Healing Your Whole Self offers a path of self-discovery through which you can become aware of, manage and ultimately heal your ego. You will come to understand that the ego is human energy consisting of power, flexibility and vulnerability, and that it’s possible to bring it into balance. The rewards are increased mental and emotional wellbeing, a genuine happiness and sense of peace, and an open door to heightened spiritual consciousness.

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Roles People Live

Roles People Live

We see the following roles in ourselves and others to a lesser or greater degree. They are some of the best reflections of what we are referring to when we talk about ego imbalance. We assume these roles when ego is speaking prominently in our lives and ego energy is becoming significantly imbalanced. We often have difficulty recognizing these roles but others can readily observe them in our thoughts, words and behaviors. For a more in-depth discussion and understanding of these roles, read the third book in our trilogy, The Two Voices Within.

The Path of Consciousness

The Path of Consciousness

Traditional approaches to deepening spiritual consciousness often stress a negative view of the ego and suggest that if you can just eliminate ego from your life, you will be able to transcend into a state of greater awareness and spiritual consciousness. Our professional and personal experiences have shown us that this isn’t able to occur for the majority of people and isn’t necessary. You can’t leap from ego unconsciousness into spiritual consciousness.

Instead, you need an approach embodied in the ego and spirit message that respects both your humanity (ego) and Divinity, and doesn’t polarize ego and spirituality but works to unify them. It is within this awareness that we have identified a refined understanding to the shifting of human and spiritual consciousness, reflected in the following steps along the consciousness path, which indicates what occurs as you heal your ego energy.

Ego Unconsciousness

At this place along the path you have no awareness of ego and your ego energy. This energy is most likely to be imbalanced in its power, flexibility, or vulnerability, leading you to a lesser version of yourself, consumed with daily survival and often leading to unrecognized suffering. You are also most likely to be spiritually unconscious, leaving you unable to fully recognize Divine Truth, the Four Great Gifts you have been given, and the Divinity within your humanity.

Ego Consciousness

At this place along the path you are beginning to awaken to what ego is and recognize your ego energy. You begin to hear the voices of Ego and Spirit as you look closely into the ten key life areas mirroring your life. The transformation of your ego energy into balance can begin where needed as you awaken egoically and spiritually while speaking with your own voice, as informed by the voices of Ego and Spirit as well as the ego medicine you have been using to heal yourself.


At this place along the path you are fully awakened, egoically and spiritually. Your healthy, balanced ego energy has allowed the full merging of your humanity and Divinity. Your ego is your friend assisting you when truly needed in your earthly life. You live the awareness that God Is—Love, Life, Energy, and You, you fully appreciate the Great Gifts of Life, Creating Life, Eternal Life, and God Within and you have become You. You have begun to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and are beginning to hear the One Voice of the universe.

Spiritual Consciousness

At this place along the path you are transcending into higher levels of spiritual consciousness and deeply into the Kingdom of Heaven. Ego no longer exists, as its purpose of ensuring your survival no longer exists. The One Voice is heard loudly and clearly within your connection to all that was, is, and will be. It is the Voice of God.

The Big Lesson

The Big Lesson

It has been said that life is a huge classroom that provides countless opportunities for us to learn and grow. Often, life teaches us particular lessons that we have failed to learn. All of the people, places, events and experiences that we encounter are our teachers, and each offers myriad opportunities to learn about the power, flexibility and vulnerability issues of our ego energy. They occur to change us in the ways we need to learn and grow. Looking outward at life is meant to help us look inward to find ourselves and God. This is the big lesson.

Even so, we often look but don’t see, hear but don’t listen, touch but don’t feel, and think but don’t know. Frequently, we miss opportunities to learn and grow when we get caught up in the “little picture” that our unconscious, imbalanced ego is showing us. When we lock into the little picture, we miss the big lesson. When we get fixated on what is going on “out there”, we can’t see the “big picture” of what’s going on “in here.”

If life is a classroom, we are the subjects and the students. We are to seek the big picture that life is serving to reveal. Life is the little picture that egoic issues of power, flexibility, or vulnerability are revealing themselves within. These lessons are intended to take us beyond the little picture into the big picture through understanding God and ourselves.

You may be asking, “Aren’t we here to make the world a better place?” We are, but that begins by making all of us better people, by becoming fully connected with ourselves and God. When you know who You are, what God Is, and the Great Gifts you have been given, then you are ready to change the world for the better. Then you are ready to be Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, Moses, Gandhi, Mother Teresa or Jesus.

A Different View of Ego

A Different View of Ego

Our view of ego differs significantly from what you may have encountered from other writers and experts on the topic, particularly Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer. These differences are important, as they provide a foundation upon which a healthier view of humanity rests, along with its potential to be healed where necessary, and the opportunity to experience a higher level of consciousness in which our humanity and Divinity are working in concert. This is the essence of EgoSpiritualism.

  • Ego has no awareness of itself and how it impacts your life, but you can develop this awareness.
  • Ego does not act with intention as it does not possess an intellectual quality.
  • Ego has no awareness of God or works to oppose God, but it can undermine your spiritual consciousness and relationship with God.
  • Ego does not require you to be free of it but to embrace your capacity to bring it to healthiness with the light of human and Divine Truth.
  • Ego can respond to the use of your mind and reality based thought that can be used in your transformation to ego consciousness; healthy, balanced ego energy; and deeper spiritual consciousness.
  • Ego energy can be healed by you with ego medicine that consists of reality based thinking and relevant ego awareness.
  • Ego is part of your wondrous, beautiful human nature that you can utilize to work with the challenges of your physical, human existence.
  • Ego does not dissolve when you become aware of it but can be managed and enhanced via your capacity for ego awareness.
  • Ego does not have to be your “enemy” but can be your friend in the service of God.
  • Ego can be healthy, sane and work with the sanity of your Divine Self.
  • Ego can serve as an instrument for bringing you into peace, joy and love.
  • Ego can be in the present and is not resigned to your “living” in the past or preoccupied with the future.

Ego energy which is healthy and balanced can help you to live in satisfaction and is not resigned to seeking more, being better than, always needing to be right, taking everything personally, engaging in selective perception and distorted interpretations, confusing opinions and viewpoints with facts, or needing to find enemies.

We each have Two Voices

We Each Have “Two Voices”

“Two Voices” reside within each of us: Ego and Spirit. The one you listen to will profoundly impact your life for better or worse. It will be reflected in the way you work with others, your close relationships, your ability to love yourself, achieve your potential and know your purpose, grow your mind, deal with change and manage conflict, cope with stressors and stress, and live with genuine happiness. An unconscious, imbalanced ego often shouts loudly through issues of power, flexibility or vulnerability and drowns out the softer, steadier voice of Spirit. The major challenge we face as humans is recognizing how our own distinctive unconscious egoic voice is drowning out the voice of Spirit.

Traditionally, spiritual mentors have offered messages suggesting that the voice of the Ego must be extinguished in order to hear the voice of Spirit. We offer a different approach, a strategy that says we can soften our egoic voice by bringing its power, flexibility and vulnerability into balance. This can be achieved through the use of ego medicine, which involves the development of ego awareness and the use of ego-related reality based thinking. This strategy can transform the ego from being your enemy to being your friend. It creates a partnership within you that allows you to hear the voice of Spirit and, in doing so, opens the door to EgoSpiritualism—a consciousness in which our healthy ego self has the ability to merge and unite with our Divine Self.

Ego Therapy: A Method for Healing Your Whole Self, along with EgoSpiritualism: Awakening to Your Human and Divine Self and The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit to Enhance Your Life, describes the process of transformation and the path we must walk to bring about ego consciousness, balance within our ego energy, and transcendence into deeper spiritual consciousness—a process that leads us to know who we truly are, what God Is, and the Four Great Gifts we have been given.

Who We Seek to Serve

Who We Seek to Serve

We seek to serve a diverse population of individuals, including laypersons, spiritual seekers and healers. Some common threads running through these groups: the presence of ego energy that needs to be healthier, wrestling with the challenges of the key life areas mentioned on the home page, and a desire for them and others to live a better life. Beyond these commonalities, each is coming at the growth process from a different perspective and set of needs. The following descriptions integrate these commonalities and differences in conjunction with some of the core ideas involving our mission and vision.


We seek to serve those persons who are experiencing various degrees of psychological difficulty and who want a specific way to undertake self-improvement that speaks directly to their lives. There are tens of millions of people suffering from problems of living and various degrees of mental illness. These range from the normative problems that afflict most people—involving work, family, relationship and financial concerns to more pathological disturbances that make life miserable for themselves and often others.

One’s ego and egoic energy are often at the core of that misery and suffering, but for different people in different ways. This requires an approach to ego that is concrete, diverse, comprehensive and directly connected to your life. Our trilogy leaves no one out or left behind. Look closely into the mirrors of the ten key life areas with the knowledge of ego we present, and you will come to know your egoic energy and the ego medicine you will need to take in order to heal it. This healing will also make the Divine energy within your being more available to you.

Spiritual Seekers

We seek to serve those who are actively seeking to cultivate spiritual awareness and heighten spiritual consciousness. For many, this can be a difficult journey, as issues within our humanity often distort, disturb or defeat our efforts to live the best version of ourselves and recognize God. These issues are rooted in an unconscious, imbalanced egoic energy and keep us lost.

Unfortunately, many of the offerings put forth within the Body-Mind-Spirit, Spirituality, Mindfulness and New Age teachings fail to fully recognize this aspect of the journey and struggle. Brilliant and powerful messages about spiritual awakening and consciousness are often not enough to deliver many from the issues within their humanity. These messages often only cast ego in a dark, negative light, as an entity to be overcome by spiritual awakening alone.

There is a need for equally brilliant and powerful messages about ego awakening and ego consciousness. A person cannot “leap” from imbalanced egoic unconsciousness into spiritual consciousness. The vision and message contained within our trilogy—Ego Therapy, EgoSpiritualism and The Two Voices Within—speak to the needs and struggle of those who are seeking to awaken spiritually and remain awake.


We seek to serve mental health professionals and metaphysician practitioners who are intimately involved in working with the ego and egoic energies of the clientele they serve. Each can readily recognize the roles listed within this website and brought to life within the words of Ego and Spirit in The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit to Enhance Your Life. As time has progressed, practitioners from each of these areas have come to better know how “the other half lives.”

Mental health professionals have come to know the importance of spiritual wellness in a person’s progress and adjustment. Metaphysical healers have come to recognize the significant obstacle that ego can represent in their efforts to help people awaken spiritually and remain awake. To the credit of Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer, they have brought ego into the discussion of spiritual awakening; however, there is a need for an even greater refinement of our understanding of ego and egoic energy—a refinement reflected within the pages of this website, each of our books and our workshop. This refinement can be used to complement your knowledge and skills within your healing efforts. It can provide you with an incisive awareness of the human and Divine energies at work within the people you serve.

Our Life’s Work

Our Life’s Work

We have had a wonderful life together filled with great joy and happiness, as well as the bumps and bruises that come with any long-term committed relationship. These experiences have enabled us to serve as each other’s mentor, sharing what we’ve learned within our respective personal and work lives. This unique opportunity is the foundation for the synergy reflected in our “Ego and Spirit” message and our life’s work.

Along the way, we have taught each other about the human and Divine energy that profoundly shapes a person’s life for better or worse. We have also taught each other about ego unconsciousness and spiritual unconsciousness, which is often manifested when our humanity and Divinity are polarized. Finally, we have learned from each other that human and spiritual healing can occur when ego energy is brought into balance and we truly know that God Is—Love, Life, Energy and You.

Ultimately, the mission we seek to fulfill is reflected in our Mission Statement:
“To Teach People about Ego, Ego Unconsciousness and Ego Imbalance,
So their Lives can be Filled with Peace, Joy and Love
to Transform Human Consciousness,
So World Peace can be Progressively Realistic for Future Generations.”

Nick & Linda Martin

The Martins have been married for 37 years and have three grown daughters. The books in their trilogy—Ego Therapy, EgoSpiritualism, and The Two Voices Within—represent a synergy of their professional work and personal life missions. Nick and Linda are lifelong residents of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Ego & Spirit Dr. Nickolas Martin. Ego & Spirit Dr. Linda Martin

Dr. Nickolas Martin is a licensed psychologist, social worker and certified school psychologist who has worked in clinical, university, public school and private practice settings as a therapist, diagnostician, educator and consultant for 30 years. These professional experiences include having conducted several thousand psychotherapy sessions, psychological evaluations, and class meetings. Nick has master’s degrees in social work and school psychology, as well as a doctorate in education.

Rev. Dr. Linda M. Martin is a metaphysician, certified Reiki master teacher, spiritual healer, color/sound practitioner and spiritual medium. She is the founder of Dove of Light Healing Ministry in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, where she offers workshops, as well as individual healing and counseling sessions in person or by phone. Linda received her degrees from Delphi University, the Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development and the Arthur Ford Academy in McCaysville, Georgia. She has studied with many spiritual healers throughout the United States and is recognized and registered with the International Registry of Spiritual Healers. Learn more at


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you write your books?

We wrote our trilogy of books to help people work through the missing steps in transitioning from ego unconsciousness (where most people are) to a deeper spiritual consciousness. These steps include understanding what ego is, getting to know your ego, transforming and bringing into full health your specific ego energy (in whatever areas it needs to occur), coming to a better understanding of God, and having a relationship with God unencumbered by the distance, distortion, disturbance and destructiveness often wrought by an unconscious, imbalanced ego.

What is different and better about your books?

  • We provide a far deeper, comprehensive yet concrete discussion of ego and ego energy that is more individualized. This is all expounded upon in the many ego related concepts presented in our books.
  • We present a more balanced view of ego in which we recognize its negative influence upon our lives and spiritual development, and also it’s potential to be a positive force in these areas.
  • We present a synergistic approach to ego and spirituality rather than the polarized good (spirituality) versus evil (ego) approach that is often implied—if not directly indicated—by many spiritual writers, including Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer and David Hawkins. While we recognize the brilliant work of these authors, our primary difference in speaking about spiritual awakening and spiritual consciousness involves how we view the ego and its role in the process of awakening.
  • We suggest that it’s perfectly okay to embrace your ego (humanity) rather than to disown, dissolve or defeat it. What is being disowned, dissolved and defeated is one’s unhealthy, imbalanced ego energy.
  • We present a healing method (ego medicine) for your ego energy, which consists of developing ego awareness and ego-related reality based thinking in conjunction with the ego imbalance you may be living; meaning, issues of power, flexibility or vulnerability that are impacting your ego energy.
  • We challenge the approach that suggests that spiritual awakening alone fosters spiritual transcendence and brings us closer to God.
  • We help you to transform your egoic energy from unhealthiness to healthiness and to know you do not have to disown, dissolve or defeat ego to awaken spiritually.
  • We help you to develop a healthy, in-balance ego energy which helps you to better know yourself, know “what” God Is and embrace the Four Great Gifts that you have been given in this life.
  • We put forth recognition of a consciousness—EgoSpiritualism—that represents a synergy of the best of your humanity with your Divinity.

How can your books help me to transform my ego, move forward in daily life—in particular, the ten key life areas you refer to?

  • We illuminate what ego is and offer information to help you work on finding your ego energy.
  • We identify the kinds of absent ego awareness and non-reality based thinking that people with different ego imbalances often use in their efforts to cope with the ten key life areas.
  • We identify the ego medicine—meaning, reality based thinking and ego awareness that you can learn to live in the ten key life areas.

How can your books help me awaken spiritually, move forward along my life path, and transcend into a deeper spiritual consciousness?

  • We help you work on transforming your ego rather than attempting the difficult (if not impossible) task of dissolving, disowning or defeating it.
  • We help you to experience a quieter egoic voice, which will permit you to hear the voice of your Spirit and even amplify it.
  • We help you to progressively come to know what God Is, the Four Great Gifts you have been given and recognize the illusions, which have been at work to disconnect you from your spirituality and Divinity.

What is ego and why is it so important?

    • It is the core essence of your humanity.
    • It is the conduit through which your life is flowing.
    • It is the foundation of your personality.
    • It gives shape to the thoughts, feelings and behaviors you frequently use in coping with the ten key life areas.
    • It is the center of your psychological universe.
    • It works through the workshop of your mind to forge what becomes your self.

What do you mean by ego unconsciousness and ego imbalance?

  • “Ego unconsciousness” refers to the lack of awareness of what ego is, how it is specifically impacting your life and the nature of your specific egoic energy.
  • “Ego imbalance” refers to the distance that one’s ego power, ego flexibility, and ego vulnerability is from the balance level.

How can I know how ego unconscious and ego imbalanced I am?

    • You learn what ego is.
    • You come to understand what ego power, ego flexibility, and ego vulnerability are about.
    • You begin to understand the non-reality based thinking you have been using as reflected in the mirrors of the ten key life areas linked to your ego power, flexibility and vulnerability. These areas are: How you deal with people in work and social settings, your approach to close relationships, your ability to love yourself; your ability to achieve to your potential, “grow” your mind, deal with change, manage adversity, deal with stress, and manage conflict; finally the emotion you typically experience be it anxiety, anger, depression, pseudo-happiness, or genuine happiness.

How does ego unconsciousness and ego imbalance impact my daily life?

  • It depends upon the power, flexibility and vulnerability of your ego energy. They impact the approach and response you have to the ten key life areas.
  • Some people have milder/minor issues in dealing with life because their egoic energy is closer to being in balance. Some people have major issues in dealing with life because their ego power, flexibility or vulnerability is significantly imbalanced. The roles discussed in The Two Voices Within are reflective of individuals with significant ego energy imbalance.

How does ego unconsciousness and ego imbalance impact my spiritual awakening and spiritual consciousness?

    • It can distort or disturb your efforts to spiritually awaken. The voice of your unconscious and imbalanced ego can drown out the voice of Spirit within you.
    • It can weaken or block the awareness that God Is the Love within all beings, the Life force within all beings, the Energy within all things, and the God within your being. It can weaken or prevent you from coming to know your Four Great Gifts: Life, Creating Life, Eternal Life, and God Within you.
    • It can contribute to various illusions that you buy into such as: separation, unworthiness, sensing all energy, egoic control, inequality and disorder, which are discussed in EgoSpiritualism.

What is ego medicine?

    • Developing an understanding of what ego is.
    • Tuning in to the nature of your specific ego energy regarding its power, flexibility and vulnerability.
    • Using reality based thinking to replace the non-reality based thinking you have been using in working with the ten key life areas if your ego energy is imbalanced.

Why is ego medicine empowering?

  • It helps you to get closer to human truth and Divine Truth.
  • Egoic issues of power, flexibility and vulnerability no longer keep you in darkness and you are able to live in the light of human truth and Divine Truth.
  • Light and truth/Truth will help you to see everything you need to see.
  • This is incredibly empowering and freeing.

Why is ego medicine so difficult to take?

  • Ego is a very powerful force in your life. It operates in darkness (unconsciousness) and makes it difficult to see the “light.”
  • Ego can entrench you in a faulty way of finding “light” (often meant to help you with daily and mortal survival) that is misguided by power, flexibility or vulnerability issues.
  • You can get caught up in looking around at your life rather than within yourself for the “answers” you are seeking.

Does everyone take the same ego medicine?

No. Each person’s ego energy is unique regarding its content and structure. You take the ego medicine that is specific to your egoic imbalance—be it power, flexibility or vulnerability related.

What do you mean by EgoSpiritualism?

EgoSpiritualism is a term that we developed and began to use in 2008. It is rooted in the belief shaped by our professional and personal experiences that we all have the potential to experience a healthy and in-balance ego that complements our Divinity. EgoSpiritualism is a consciousness that reflects a merging and synergy of our humanity and Divinity rather than a polarization of them. Our healthy, in balance yet imperfect ego is always working in concert with our perfect Divine self.

This consciousness involves not only a spiritual awakening but also an egoic awakening. This involves transitioning from ego unconscious to ego consciousness by coming to better know what ego is, finding one’s specific ego energy and bringing it into balance, where needed, in regards to its power, flexibility and or vulnerability. It is also reflected in:

  • Knowing and living the awareness that God Is—Love, Life, Energy and You.
  • Knowing and living the “Four Great Gifts” you have been given:

The Gift of Life
The Gift of Creating Life
The Gift of Eternal Life
The Gift of God Within

  • Living in peace with yourself, the people in your life and the world, rather than the often seen conflict and anger that takes place among families, friends and even strangers that is rooted in unconscious, egoic issues.
  • Being completely motivated by love in dealing with life rather than consumed by various degrees of fear, anger, anxiety or guilt originating from an unconscious, imbalanced ego.
  • Knowing and living the Love God Is, rather than the illusion of separateness that the unconscious, imbalanced ego can lead us to believe.
  • Fully respecting your mind and body rather than disrespecting them in ways rooted in the unconscious, imbalanced ego, which often stresses physical pleasure and pseudo-happiness that distance you from genuine happiness.
  • Working with passion to fulfill your life’s purpose, taking advantage of all your potential, rather than being blocked or sidetracked by the workings of the unconscious, imbalanced ego.
  • Enjoying the power of not wanting things that you don’t truly need rather than the packaged “wants” often sold to you by a commercial industry that taps into your unconscious, imbalanced ego.
  • Being free from inappropriate expectations of yourself and from others, many of which are put upon you by an unconscious, imbalanced ego that is out of touch with who you truly are.
  • Experiencing a morality guided by healthiness, motivated by love and rooted in your Truth, rather than the fear or guilt often fostered by unconscious, imbalanced ego energy.
  • Knowing that you don’t have to be anyone else but you, anywhere else but here, and anytime else but now.

What makes your vision and particular message about ego and spirit revolutionary?

  • We are saying our ego/humanity and spirituality must be synergized not polarized.
  • We are saying that ego can be transformed rather than being viewed as an entity that can only be disowned, dissolved or defeated.
  • We are imparting that it is okay to embrace your ego.
  • We are presenting a more balanced view of ego.
  • We are providing a more comprehensive view of ego.
  • We are challenging the traditional approach that spiritual awakening alone fosters spiritual transcendence.
  • We are putting forth recognition of a consciousness that represents a synergy of the best of our humanity with our Divinity.

What makes it evolutionary?

We are saying that in order to evolve individually and collectively, we must harness the positive energy existent within our humanity along with that in our Divinity. A vision and message that rests solely upon our spirituality and Divinity has not and cannot bring about the evolution needed for world peace.

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