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Our Darkest Hour | Our Finest Hour

“Our Darkest Hour—Our Finest Hour”

“Our Darkest Hour—Our Finest Hour”: There are times in our lives when things may look pretty bleak. Those times are upon us when we have lost an important relationship, become estranged from family, compromised our health, lost a job, lost our freedom, etc. This time often makes no sense because we know ourselves as an intelligent, good, and well-meaning person who does not want to go around hurting ourselves or others. Hopefully, the ‘hour’ is only a short amount of time so we can get back to fully living life. Our Higher Self, the God within our being will speak to us, helping us to get back to being who we want to be. To be the Love, Life, & Energy—God Is within our being. When we fail to hear this voice and bad things keep happening, it usually means our egoic voice, rooted in imbalanced ego energy, is speaking within us but we don’t realize this.

Unfortunately for many, the darkest hour isn’t some relatively brief period of time. It can last for years, decades, or even the remainder of one’s lifetime. These are persons who when asked, “How is your life?”, may answer summarily with ’poor’ or ‘fair’. A sense of resignation often sets in, leading them to believe they are at the mercy of life and it will give them what it will. They may become consumed with explanations that excessively blame others or themselves with little middle ground and do not offer any way out of their plight. Unknowingly, hidden imbalanced ego energy involving power, flexibility, or vulnerability issues is keeping them in their personal prison. How do we know that? Because many others have freed themselves as their ego energy becomes more balanced and they see what they need to see about themselves, others, and life.

From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You our darkest hour can be our finest hour, when we have awakened to what is truly going on, and own what we need to own. It is within that moment of clarity that life begins to move from life-less to life-full. Light begins to replace the darkness. A light filled with human truth and Divine Truth. We begin to see more of the ego energy we were living and how it brought us to our darkest hour(s). We begin to recognize the healing available within the light of truth once we have gone through the pain of coming to terms with whom we have been. We begin to recognize the Love, Life, & Energy—God Is within our being and become more of it in our earthly life. There can be no more dark hours as the brilliant light of truth shines upon you and from you.

In peace and love,

Nick and Linda

Nonreligious spiritually connected

Nonreligious-Spiritually Connected

Nonreligious-Spiritually Connected: We recently read an interesting article Millennials and religion: The great disconnect (Pittsburgh-Post Gazette/12-13-15) that focused on the relevance and relationship that religion has for individuals 18-34 yrs. old. There were various studies quoted involving declining trends in religious involvement for these individuals across religious denominations. Also there was mention of various reasons for this occurrence such as perceived conflict between religion and science, perceptions of religion as too constrictive and conservative, and perception of church teaching as hypocritical. To those we would add the destructiveness and war which has often occurred in the name of religion throughout history, has turned many people off to it.

A “positive” reason that was not mentioned is that many people, particularly younger ones, no longer view religious involvement as a pre-requisite to their relationship with God. Many consciously or intuitively sense the ability and necessity of establishing their own personally defined relationship with God—which is the essence of spirituality. They are the ‘nonreligious-spiritually connected’ and their numbers are growing. Interestingly, within the above-mentioned lengthy article the words spirit and spirituality never appear. We found this remarkable for an article focused on religious participation. To the degree that this occurred due to the understanding that religion and spirituality are synonymous, there needs to be a great deal of clarification in order to understand what is transpiring in this aspect of life for many millennials and people in general.

From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You, religion continues to have an important place. We still need it to play its role in the current stage of evolution as we strive to awaken humanly and spiritually. Religion can be a beautiful bridge to our spirit and spirituality when the words spoken by clergy and messages presented within writings and actions are filled with helping us to know the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is within ourselves and fellow man.

In peace & love,

Nick and Linda

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