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Heaven is Here

Heaven is Here!

Heaven is Here!: What a ridiculous, nonsensical, or stupid idea—or is it? Most of us have been taught during our lives about the notion of “heaven.” Connected to this notion are many ideas intended to help us to better understand what it is and encourage us to make it our life’s ultimate goal. Some of these include: heaven is there not here, you have to die to get there, you have to earn your way into heaven, and heaven is akin to a physical utopia where you can have anything your heart desires. But what if none of that is true? What if you don’t have to die, go somewhere, earn it, or have all of your human desires met? What if heaven is a consciousness and not a place? A consciousness in which we have fully awakened here and now—humanly and spiritually!

What if it’s much simpler than we humans have made it out to be and are missing it every day of our life?—until we “get it.” A beautiful simplicity built upon the brilliance of Divine Truth. A simplicity in which we fully recognize and live the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is within our being—here and now. A simplicity in which we fully recognize and live the Great Gifts of Life, Creating Life, Eternal Life, and God Within—here and now. A simplicity in which we have removed the bars comprising the “Gates of Heaven” involving egoic illusions of separation, unworthiness, inequality, sensing all energy, disorder, and egoic control—here and now. If so, “there” becomes here, death becomes rebirth, earning and reward becomes being Love, Life, and Energy, and physical utopia becomes Divine Perfection.

Many may be bothered by what we are saying, particularly those with a deep connection to religion. It can be discomforting to read something that conflicts with what one has been taught for years. Our ego energy, particularly when it’s imbalanced, leads us toward the familiar, consistent, and predictable to remove any sense of dissonance. We cling to belief, even when truth may serve us better in the long run. One may rightfully ask, “What makes your version of truth, truth?” From the perspective of Ego, Spirit, & You, truth is embodied by something that always is, is available to everyone, and applies to everyone. Divine Truth and the Great Gifts reflect each of these and are the means to entering heaven—here and now!

In peace and love,

Nick and Linda

Ego & Spirit - To be or not to be

“To BE or not to BE”

“To BE or not to BE”: One of the most famous, often spoken questions, is the opening to Hamlet’s soliloquy, in which he ponders the choice between life and death—to be or not to be. A choice in which one can face the incessant challenges of the darker side of life or opt for the “freedom” but unknown opportunities of death.  A choice between the known aspects of one’s life situation and the unknown possibilities beyond this life. A choice between the inaction of continuing to live while mired in the circumstances of one’s life or action in choosing to move beyond them to those unknown one’s which may lie beyond the earthly realm.

With all due respect to Shakespeare, one of the most brilliant and eloquent writers who captured the human experience that we have ever known, his question via the proxy of Hamlet and its contemplation is much to narrow. His characterization of life (to be) is much too dark, empty, and fatalistic. It speaks to only helplessness within the human condition, which raises the plausibility of death at one’s own hands as the answer. A life which does comport to the ones being lived by those we have met who would summarily describe their life as “poor” or “fair.” The question leaves them with no option within the living realm. It offers no genuine hope for those who choose to remain in their earthly life and move beyond it –here!  It also bypasses those who have found their way to the “good” and “great” versions of themselves and life. The ‘to be’ in Hamlet’s question is intended to represent life but in many respects describes a lifeless life and offers no recognition of the options and answers to be found within the human and spiritual realm—to Be.

From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You, the real question is, “To BE or not to BE?”  A question which involves choosing between a life-full (to BE) or lifeless (not to BE) existence—here and now! A question in which one has come to fully know the word BE. A recognition in which BE and its “cousins” being and becoming, come forth when one’s ego energy is in balance. This balance of power, flexibility, and vulnerability, allowing one to share control and influence with life and others, ability to adapt to the ever changing nature of life, and ability to healthily work with the imperfections of oneself, others, and life. A person with healthy ego energy would never find their way to alternatives to living—be it Hamlet’s or our version of ’not to be’. We can also BE in the recognition of the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is within our being, and the Great Gifts of Life, Creating Life, Eternal Life, and God Within, that everyone who has ever lived have been given.

“To BE or not to BE”—that is the real question!

In peace and love,

Nick and Linda

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