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“Are You Seeing The Big Picture?”

We have all heard the phrase “seeing the big picture.” A phrase which generally means being able to see and understand most, if not all, of what is taking place in the ‘big picture.’ The big picture can involve work, relationships, parenting, health, conflict, stress, ourselves, and so many more aspects of life. Regardless of what it involves the one main idea connected to it is truth—human and Divine. Each truth brings us to all we need to see, hear, or know, not just our preferences or what allows us to feel good, which often makes it difficult to find. Truth and seeing the big picture is often painful at first because it takes us out of our comfort zone. It can be so much easier to embrace faulty beliefs, particularly if we are unable to recognize them as such. Fortunately, truth—human and Divine, if we can awaken to them, ultimately leads us to joy, peace, and happiness as it is in alignment with the Great life we are meant to live.

Unfortunately, keeping distance from truth, no matter how comfortable, often resigns us by default into living within the “little picture”, something we often fail to realize. The more pain you experience and the greater the number of places it is occurring, the more likely you are living within the little picture. This little picture often gives us less rather than more out of life and ourselves. Even though we are good, intelligent and well-meaning persons with the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is, woven into our being. Distance from truth intensifies as power, flexibility, or vulnerability issues in our ego energy lead us unknowingly into the land of faulty beliefs, desired or undesired. We become intensely locked into the little picture as egoic illusions which form its boundaries crystallize. These illusions of separation, inequality, unworthiness, and others serve to distance us from our humanity and Divinity. They often lead unknowingly into being inhumane toward ourselves, others, or both. Often failing to see what is really taking place and the big picture.

So what can one do to move beyond the little picture and begin seeing the big picture? A big picture in which you are living the best version of yourself and the Great life you are meant to live. The first, most difficult, and most important step is to be willing to see how you are getting it wrong—humanly—before getting it right. Owning what one needs to own opens many doors to getting to one’s own truth—human  and Divine, not someone else’s, and certainly not the faulty versions of them coming from one’s imbalanced ego energy. This involves recognizing how your ego energy is shaping your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physiology, keeping you at a distance from seeing the big picture. From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You we have all been there. The next step is the easy one. You already are a spiritual being and don’t need to become one. If you weren’t you could not exist—nothing could! The Divine Truth woven into your being awaits your full embrace when being the Love, Life, and Energy you are and will lead you to see the big picture and the Great life you were meant to live!

In peace and love,

Nick and Linda

Our Darkest Hour | Our Finest Hour

“Our Darkest Hour—Our Finest Hour”

“Our Darkest Hour—Our Finest Hour”: There are times in our lives when things may look pretty bleak. Those times are upon us when we have lost an important relationship, become estranged from family, compromised our health, lost a job, lost our freedom, etc. This time often makes no sense because we know ourselves as an intelligent, good, and well-meaning person who does not want to go around hurting ourselves or others. Hopefully, the ‘hour’ is only a short amount of time so we can get back to fully living life. Our Higher Self, the God within our being will speak to us, helping us to get back to being who we want to be. To be the Love, Life, & Energy—God Is within our being. When we fail to hear this voice and bad things keep happening, it usually means our egoic voice, rooted in imbalanced ego energy, is speaking within us but we don’t realize this.

Unfortunately for many, the darkest hour isn’t some relatively brief period of time. It can last for years, decades, or even the remainder of one’s lifetime. These are persons who when asked, “How is your life?”, may answer summarily with ’poor’ or ‘fair’. A sense of resignation often sets in, leading them to believe they are at the mercy of life and it will give them what it will. They may become consumed with explanations that excessively blame others or themselves with little middle ground and do not offer any way out of their plight. Unknowingly, hidden imbalanced ego energy involving power, flexibility, or vulnerability issues is keeping them in their personal prison. How do we know that? Because many others have freed themselves as their ego energy becomes more balanced and they see what they need to see about themselves, others, and life.

From the perspective of Ego, Spirit & You our darkest hour can be our finest hour, when we have awakened to what is truly going on, and own what we need to own. It is within that moment of clarity that life begins to move from life-less to life-full. Light begins to replace the darkness. A light filled with human truth and Divine Truth. We begin to see more of the ego energy we were living and how it brought us to our darkest hour(s). We begin to recognize the healing available within the light of truth once we have gone through the pain of coming to terms with whom we have been. We begin to recognize the Love, Life, & Energy—God Is within our being and become more of it in our earthly life. There can be no more dark hours as the brilliant light of truth shines upon you and from you.

In peace and love,

Nick and Linda

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