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Is Lower Ego Flexibility Damaging Your Relationships?

Is Lower Ego Flexibility Damaging Your Relationships?

Lower ego flexibility within one’s ego energy often has a destructive impact upon close relationships—particularly closer ones involving family and friends. These are the people who live 24/7 with them and get no break from them. A person with lower ego flexibility thinks in a rigid, inflexible manner. They believe they “own” the truth and often perceive their task as getting others to know their truth and live by it. They show disrespect for the different thinking of others—publically and privately—while often equating difference with deficiency. This disrespect often creates distance in relationships in which people feel unable to speak their mind around this person. Unless they want to engage in conflict which is often destructive rather than constructive as the lower ego flexibility person doesn’t believe they have anything to learn from others. Particularly, if they are of a different race, gender, religious affiliation, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or age-group. The only way to be “close” to the lower ego flexibility person is to think like them which is the making of a phony, disingenuous relationship. The following excerpt from The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit to Enhance Your Life presents the messages ego is telling the lower ego flexibility person, keeping them stuck in this energy. Messages they are listening to quite well but don’t realize it.

Ego’ Voice

You must believe absolutely in what you believe, think what you need to think, and know the truth for yourself and everyone. Your thinking is beyond questioning; you need never reflect upon it or seek the opinions of others. Your ideas, knowledge, attitudes, and interpretations are much closer to the truth. Neither you nor anyone else can question them. To question your thoughts would endanger you and threaten your survival. They are your foundation, and you stand firmly upon them. You are lost without them and would be unknown to yourself. You must reside in the safety of your thoughts, as they define you and everything. They are your guide as to how best to know, live, and survive in the world. You feel safest when others are also living according to your thoughts. You must find others who already live in this world—your world—and convert others who do not.

When necessary, you must help others to know the truth. You must always question their thinking and beliefs. They are the ones toiling in darkness, and you must help them to see the light. This light, your light, helps in resolving any and all earthly matters. You know best, and others must come to know what you know. Your light shines brightest, and you feel safest when others are coming to know your light. This affirms the truth upon which you stand. You must also view your conviction as a reflection of the truth upon which you stand. Your conviction validates your truth for yourself and others. Those with less conviction are weaker and are only standing upon belief.

You must listen weakly to others and to be suspicious of their thoughts. New, different, or unfamiliar thoughts are likely to weaken you, so you must keep them at a distance. You are safest when thinking within the realm of what you know or want to know. You must also help others to think like you in their thoughts, words, and deeds. A world in which others are united with you is a safer world for you to live in. You are protected within this unity.

You must not listen to those who are closest to you, even if their intentions are good. They may lead you astray and cause you to lose yourself. You must ask them to find themselves within your thoughts, as they reflect truth. This is how you best show them love, and you feel closest to them and safest in their company offering them this guidance. You must also ask them not to change after adopting your thoughts, as that would violate the relationship, which can only survive in commonality, agreement, and unity.

You can love yourself most when embracing your thoughts and less when embracing those others. The superiority of your thoughts leads you to think well of yourself. The weakness and inferiority of the thoughts of others causes you to think less of them and to hate them if need be. You must love yourself more and others less, as this will ensure your daily safety and survival. Others can join you if they are willing to embrace your thoughts. You can love them as yourself, as they pose no danger to you.

If the content from this blog resonates you may want to read further in The Two Voices Within (Chapter 3) to see if you are living any of the roles we discuss linked to lower ego flexibility energy (Authoritarian, Racist, Religious Extremist, Love Elitist, Sexist, Ethnocentrist, Political Extremist, or Paranoid Person). It is when living these roles some or most of the time that we are damaging relationships with others and ourselves. Complementary material for those who would like to heal and bring your lower ego flexibility into balance can be found in Ego Therapy: A Method for Healing Your Whole Self (Chapters 6 and 12) and EgoSpiritualism: Awakening to Your Human and Divine Self (Chapter 7). All three books in our trilogy are available as e-books on the Shop page here.

In peace and love,

Nick and Linda

Religious Extremism and Low Ego Flexibility

Religious Extremism and Low Ego Flexibility

Religious Extremism and Low Ego Flexibility:

What is at the root of the intolerance and violence that humans so often display toward one another? An imbalanced ego! Low ego flexibility energy is one of the key issues that can lead people to treat one another with hatred rather than love. This energy and the destructive thoughts it promotes can be at work for people of any religious path, be they Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or any other faith. Failing to recognize these ego-induced thoughts, as well as the voice of Spirit, sets the stage for this intolerance and violence. Each creates greater distance from the God within one’s being, which is exactly the path that leads a person to become a religious extremist. Religion often gets blamed for the terrible things that people may do to each other. But it isn’t religion’s fault at all. The blame lies at the feet of low ego flexibility energy. To heal, religious extremists need to hear the voices of Ego and Spirit so they can truly know their humanity and Divinity.

To delve further into this topic, we’d like to share with you an excerpt from our latest book, The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit to Enhance Your Life. Its purpose is to recognize and illuminate ego induced thoughts for an individual whose ego energy is consumed with low ego flexibility.

In peace and love,
Nick & Linda

The Religious Extremist: The Religious Extremist has a dogmatic approach to his religious belief system, viewing it as speaking the absolute truth about matters pertaining to faith and God. He often views those with different religious views as being removed from knowing or honoring God. The roles, rules, rituals, and customs pertaining to his religion are to be followed literally and rigidly. There is no room for alternative interpretations or modifications, which would dishonor him and violate his tradition.

Ego’s Voice: You are to know that your way to know God is the only way. It is the way all others must come to know and honor God. Their way can only lead them astray and away from God. You must not listen to non-believers, as this can only lead you astray and endanger you. You must keep all that has been within the tradition and resist all that is new or different, as anything new can only lead you astray, weaken you, and endanger you. Beware of those within your midst who would alter the tradition. They are not true believers. The teachings and the tradition are your oxygen, and you must have them in order to be safe and to survive.

You must treat others who do not believe as you do with suspicion and scorn. They are the godless. Treating these non-believers this way, and harboring anger and hatred for them, will keep you safe. Let anger be present in your thoughts, words, and deeds. This will keep you safe. If necessary, you must destroy those who would challenge your truth about God. Doing so will honor your truth and God.

Those who do not share your truth must be known as separated and unworthy of God. You must know them as unequal to you because of their weaker beliefs. You must know the difference in their beliefs as disorder and chaos that threatens both you and them. This will end when they believe as you do. You must compel them to believe like you in order to be safe and saved. Those who do not listen will be damned.

Spirit’s Voice: All ways to knowing the Love, Life, and Energy God Is are welcome. There are no right earthly ways to be the Love, Life, and Energy God Is. These Divine Truths have no earthly boundaries formed in the minds of human beings. The Kingdom of Heaven has no earthly boundaries or doors from which to enter. No one can claim to have the most complete knowledge of God, as God Is within all beings. One can only truly know God from being the Love, Life, and Energy God Is. All are One within the Divine Realm.

One cannot be made worthy or unworthy of the Kingdom of Heaven by earthly beliefs, for one is born worthy. They must only choose to awaken to their worthiness. God cannot be truly distanced from oneself or from others by earthly illusions of separation rooted in beliefs, as God is present always in all believers and non-believers. Each has the Love, Life, and Energy God Is within their being. They must only awaken to these Truths. The Kingdom of Heaven does not follow earthly notions of order and control, which only place limits on your ability to know God and your Divine Gifts. These limits weaken your ability to embody the Love, Life, and Energy God Is.

All earthly ways of knowing God—past, present, or future—are welcome. Within the Divine Realm, you cannot be enemies with those who do not believe as you do. This is only an earthly belief you have created. There is no place for enemies in your heart when you are being the Love, Life, and Energy God Is. Anger, fear, and guilt have no place in doing the work of God. No one can be compelled to enter the Kingdom of Heaven by another’s beliefs. They can only enter in the time and place of their choosing. They can only walk their own path, and no one else’s.

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